two days in hong kong

Back in June, while I was still vacationing in China, my mom and I decided to spontaneously go to Hong Kong for two days. During our last week, Typhoon Merbok was wreaking a bit of havoc and brought a lot of rain to the region. That ruined our original plans of visiting another nearby city, and since my mom’s two best friends were free, we decided to go ahead with taking the train to Hong Kong.

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My mom’s friend picked up the three of us from the train station and naturally, after checking in my mom and her friend into their hotel, we headed off to get dim sum at Pak Loh Chiu Chow, a rather upscale restaurant. We got a little tour of Central as we were driving around, trying to navigate the narrow and crowded streets.

After lunch, we went to visit her friend’s new (to us) luxury apartment near Repulse Bay and rest a little. Seeing the place was my mom’s primary reason for coming into the city. It was gorgeous, of course, and had a beautiful view of the bay, marina, and mountains. A super pleasant surprise was when their miniature poodle, Bobby, came running out. He’s about three years old and is absolutely adorable. The crazy thing is that he looks so similar to my friend Candace’s dog, Bagel.

We drove back out for dinner and took a little walking tour of Central and the International Financial Center (IFC) mall. I was able to convince my mom and her friends to let me eat dinner with a friend for a change, so I met Candace for dinner in the mall and we went to a ramen place, Gogyo. The ramen was amazing and we got a side of truffle fries to share. It was pretty exciting having a couple of hours of pure English conversation, and I was telling her about things I found jarring about China/Hong Kong, like the fact that they also use the dollar in HK so it’s a little confusing.

After dinner, I met everyone back at the supermarket downstairs and we drove to the harbour. I convinced Kathy, my mom’s friend’s daughter, to ride the Hong Kong Observation Wheel with my mom and I. Not the tallest or most exciting ferris wheel, but it was pretty cool to see part of the city at night. The ride lasts for 15-20 minutes and costs HK 100.

I stayed over at the apartment since the hotel room was smaller than expected with two slightly larger than twin sized beds. I wasn’t complaining since that meant I got to play with Bobby some more and got the nicest view I’ll likely ever have from any room.


Our plan for the day was to visit Victoria Peak. We took a taxi to the bus stop, just shortly before it started pouring rain. We waited a while for the next bus and by the time it came, the rain had stopped. It was my first time riding a double decker bus in my memory. I can’t believe they let double deckers drive up the hill to Victoria Peak. One time a corner of the bus smacked into some branches which scared the beejesus out of this one guy. Fun and scenic ride, though.


We went to the observation decks, but the fog that day was so intense. We should have expected it after the rain and periodic drizzling. While waiting, I had a green tea egg waffle with some green tea ice cream, and the waffle was pretty darn good. We also took a stroll along Peak Circle Walk, which was super humid and actually gave me rainforest vibes, but there are a few lookouts on the trail over the harbour and city. It’s pretty remarkable how the trails were built on the side of the mountain back in the early 1900s, given how steep it is. My two favorite things were Lugard Falls, a waterfall on the mountain, and these really amazing trees with a lot of aerial roots. I think they could have been Indian banyan trees.

After coming back down from the mountain, we got a late lunch at Penang Prawn Noodle Shop in Central. I had some ho fun with seafood in their spicy prawn soup base. I love noodles, especially the flat ones.

We then walked off our food and checked out some of the street markets and supermarkets. We picked up some fresh lychee and durian to eat back at the apartment before taking the last express train out at 8pm. That was the end of our very short excursion to Hong Kong.

two days in hong kong